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Sonny Fishback
Sonny Fishback
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How do I re-take a course I already completed ? When I click on the course I am only able to see the trailer.


Nils Kriedner
Nils Kriedner
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I assume you accidently clicked on the "View Trailer" button...

Because as Rob Allessi already pointed out, you can always retake any course you have done.

You just need to click on the course material (that is marked as finished if you have already done it).

Two tipps:

  1. If you open up the content for a section of a course you can even jump to any part of the course you want to repeat. Because maybe you only want to repeat the quizzes or the code challenges to refresh the material.

  2. If you watch a video again you can also speed up the video to watch it faster. I usually do that when I repeat course...

Hope that helps.

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Rob Allessi
Rob Allessi
Treehouse Staff

Hi Sonny,

Everyone can revisit content that they've already completed, it's not locked out or removed. Simply go to the course overview page of the course you wish to retake and start going through the videos starting with its first stage.

If you're having trouble, just let us know.