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Falah Sadiq
Falah Sadiq
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How do I see the response to prompts in code challenges

When I write input ("What is your favorite color") I dont see a response after clicking enter.
input ("What is your favorite color"  )
favorite_color = "Mauve"
print("The color", favorite_color, "is a great color")

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Aayush Mitra
Aayush Mitra
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Hello Falah!

The reason why it isn't showing the response when you click enter is that you didn't store the response in the variable. In your code, you prompt the user but the response doesn't get stored anywhere. You need to store that in the variable favorite_color.

favorite_color = input("What is your favorite color? ")
print("The color " + favorite_color + " is a great color!")

In the code above, I store the response in a variable, then I print a statement by concatenating the favorite_color variable with the other two strings.

I hope this helps! Aayush Mitra