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How do i use console.printf to display a message that says, "First name: "?

In challenge 3/4 it tells me to use the "console.printf" to print my name using" %s" and the "firstName" from the "String." so I used this-- console.printf("%s is amazin", firstName);-- and it tells me to ensure that i am using the format of "firstName" even tho i am using it.

Am I doing something wrong?
String firstName = "jacob";
console.readLine ("%s is cool", firstName);
String lastName = "matthews";
console.readLine ("%s is cool", lastName);
console.printf("%s is amazin", firstName);
Nathaniel Merkel
Nathaniel Merkel
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You didn't put your readLine in your Strings, your printf is suppost to print out your name and last name using %s.

String firstName = console.readLine("What is your first name: ");
String lastName = console.readLine("What is your last name: ");
console.printf("First name: %s", firstName);
console.printf("Last Name %s", lastName);