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How do I use the .select method to move an item into another array?

I don't understand how the .select method can move an item to another array.

#using the 'select' method, create a new array named 'house' that contains 
#any items from the 'array' varibale with a length greater than four characters.
array = ["Tree", "House"]
house = []
if{|item| item.length > 4} == true


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Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
Treehouse Moderator 57,652 Points

Nearly there, Nyra!

You need to assign the value returned from the select function to a variable named house. The returned value will be an array.

Then start the select, and pass in a block like |item|. Then set the condition to be selected, item.length > 4 and you're good to go!

array = ["Tree", "House"]
house = { |item| item.length > 4 }

I hope that makes sense.