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how do you start a new corse

I started with learning python but I found that the field that I want to go to mostly uses JavaScript so I want to know the best way to start a new language on this website

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Peter Vann
Peter Vann
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In the Treehouse menu, notice the word "Tracks". Those are courses grouped in sequences to help you learn in a logical, progressively challenging (more advanced topics following prerequisites, in other words).

I recommend starting with the "Beginning Javascript" track.

Then perhaps try subsequent tracks in this order:

1) Front End Web Development (41 hours)

2) Full Stack JavaScript(34 hours)

3) Learn React (8 hours)

How are you with HTML and CSS? Having a strong handle on both of those will make learning javascript a lot easier.

Keep in mind, too, that the track programs allow you to take assessments that test your current knowledge of that track's topics, which gives you the opportunity to skip sections that you may have already mastered.

Also, for reinforcement and additional information, check out:

I hope that helps. Happy coding!