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How does the for in promptAction() works

Can someone please explain me how this for works?

  private String promptAction() throws IOException {
    System.out.printf("There are %d songs available. Your options are: %n", 

    for (Map.Entry<String, String> option : menu.entrySet()) {
      System.out.printf("%s - %s %n",
    System.out.print("What do you want to do: ");
    String choice = reader.readLine();
    return choice.trim().toLowerCase();

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Rafał Sobczyk
Rafał Sobczyk
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It iterates over every entry in out map, making it the value of variable "option" so we can use it later. If you don't know how the foreach loop - "for (Object o : objects)" works, watch the Feeling Loopy workshop here on TeamTreehouse. Basically, for every menu item in our menu map it prints the key and the value of that item.