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olu adesina
olu adesina
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how does the => operator work in this forEach() method

how does the => operator work in this case never seen it used like this before

const fruits = ['apple', 'pear', 'cherry'];

fruits.forEach(fruit => console.log(fruit));

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Juan Hurtado
Juan Hurtado
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Normal way of doing a forEach

const fruits = ['apple', 'pear', 'cherry'];

fruits.forEach(function(fruit) {

Using the => operator you are removing a few things from the way of writing the callback:

  • function keyword
  • parenthesis around the argument name
  • curly braces surrounding the body of the callback e.g. console.log(fruit)
  • replacing the callback console.log in the same line


  • => operator to denote what the callback returns

The purpose is to do the same but more concise.

Bear in mind both ways do the exact same thing