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Kelvin Chen
Kelvin Chen
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How does the server know the request HTTP verb

The video explains that making request from Postman with PUT or POST requests. But if I am making the PUT or POST request from the browser with the same routing, how does the server know what kind of request I am making? And how do I send a JSON object with my requests in the browser?

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Zimri Leijen
Zimri Leijen
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Express abstracts those things away, but whenever you make a request to the server, a lot of data is sent, along with that data is a header, which contains information like the type of request ('PUT', 'GET', etc..).

By default, a request is a 'GET' request, but when you make an interactive element on a website (usually a form or a button) you can specify the type of request being sent.

A form is often a 'POST' request for example (but not always).

I believe this course gives a bit more insight into it.