Android Build an Interactive Story App Intents and Multiple Activities Sending Data to a New Activity

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams
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How exactly does intent extra work?

In Stage 3 video 4 (Working with Intent Extras) Ben passed data to another class using an intent. The only problem for me is that when he passes the intent it's a totally new variable. If that's the case how will the name be remembered if it's a new variable outside the scope (This question will require you to watch the video)?

I thought that working with extras was more out of that scene from Star Wars VI when Han Solo and the gang have a passcode to go Jakuu but it's an 'older clearance, so it checks out'. So will our intents inside a scope work like that or will it not be remembered when that data is passed?

When getting data that has been put in the intent Ben uses the name of the variable that was passed into the intent. I'm not sure where exactly you are referring to where he uses a different variable name but I see him using the very same variable name.