HTML Introduction to HTML and CSS HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications Test: Creating an HTML Element

how I can add herf tag into my <a> tag? and use "#top"

    <title>My trip to Spain</title>

    <img src="images/spain.jpg" alt="A picture of me in Spain">
    <p>Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!</p>
    <a herf="#top">my trip to spain.</a>

3 Answers

Hello there,

If you want to use #top you should provide an ID with the value of Id="top" to any element you want the anchor tag or link to go to.


Derek Graves
Derek Graves
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<a href="#">my trip to spain</a> its just the # symbol when you use it this way no need to specify "top"

I know that because I am reading some book as well since these sessions are not cover a lot of area that are foundation of html and html5 ... I have found my issue which was an extra space between the tags and Href which drive me crazy for almost a day. Stupid mistake and nobody noticed. However, thanks a lot for yoir time. Truly appreciate it Derek

Seriously, I am not a rich guy to have even a tablet. I used my small cellpgone to study and take these courses. I miss typed. If you don't know the answer why you are playing here dud😕☹