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How is Craig copying the above line onto the next line so fast. I do not remember the shortcut.

When Craig is grabbing a previous line like in: (False or False or True) and (True and False)

Then the line command appears


then he presses something and is pastes the previous line in

>>>(False or False or True) and (True and False)

SO he can edit one word

>>>(False or False or False) and (True and False)

How is he grabbing that line

>>> 'And pasting it here'

? Thank you!

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Michael Hulet
Michael Hulet
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It's probably just the up arrow key, which cycles through your command history. One press will get you the last command, ready to run again or modify as you wish

Oh my gosh, that is it I knew it was something simply he said in the beginning.

Thank you so much!