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How precise is everything expected to be?


I've been struggling with this part for almost 2 days but I've came a long way! My design and layout looks about 90% the same, except for a small little quircky things that I can't completely solve... yet.

I was wondering, does it have to be working a 100% before I move on? Should I linger any longer when it looks 90% good? Or should I just move on at this point?

Thanks for the input.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Personally, I'd sure want to at least understand the reasons if I were getting different results. I would probably try downloading the project files, and comparing them to the code I created to see if I left out anything or used different values.

Austin Whipple
Austin Whipple
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I tend to agree with Steven on this one. While it is ultimately up to you on whether on not you feel comfortable enough with the concepts to move on to the next step, you can learn an immense amount by figuring out why code you wrote isn't behaving the way you expected. There are plenty of small lessons CSS can teach you when you're diagnosing and resolving display issues.

Thanks guys! I'll be downloading them later this week and come back at it again.