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How to advertise for a product that their is no compeition for???

I have a handyman product that has no competition. Just wandering how i would market? guessing i would have to have a video demonstrating the product. Pretty much explaining fire to a bunch of cavemen. I am doing all the work by myself which includes marketing, web site development, and shipment of product. A little overwhelmed but very excited for the future. AND I could really use some recommendations for banner developers and graphic developers? Don't know if i said that right just did tree house to start an online business. Hope all the best of luck to you all good luck, cheers


Hi Nathan. Just my opinion, I have no legitimate credits to give advice.

You could make a simple image of the product, its caracteristics and what need for the client does it fill. A video demonstation is often cool, but from my experience, if you are not a pro video-caster yourself, it would be more desctrutive than productive for your business. You have to know how to script a video, how to film correctly, how to render it, etc...

If not, it is wise to make it simple for your client. A photo, important features of the product, easy-to-understand (and short) explanation of what it does and what is its purpose. And that's it. If you know someone who can improve the quality of the image (infographic, cool presentation, nice graphic effects), it's perfect, but you have to keep it really simple. After all, it's a catch to visitors to know your product, and understand it. If you wanna give them the necessary confort to dive in your product, it has to be free of non-essential informations/advertising/price discounts, etc...

Just tell what it is, and why it's cool. PS: Sorry for my english, not my native language, it might not be easy to understand.

5 Answers

Dan Gorgone
Dan Gorgone
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Giovanni did a nice job explaining some of the potential needs above... I'll just add my two cents as well...

If your product is a "handyman" product, I have to assume that you created this thing to (A) do something you couldn't do before, (B) do something that took lots of effort before, or (C) do something other tools couldn't do as well. This thing should either save time, effort, or money (cost of other tools/materials) - or a combination of all three. If this is the case, I would make this one of the central messages of your website/marketing.

If you're letting people know you have this product, you'll need to convince them why they NEED it. So, you should connect your target audience's needs and experience with the purpose of this product. An instructional video - not unlike an infomercial - would be great to show how the tool is used, how easy it is to use, and that is can do what you say.

Testimonial videos could help too, especially if customers explain how they used the tool and why it was a benefit to have it.

Highlight the cost benefit/savings if that is possible: "You'll save XXX dollars every year because you no longer have to buy X, Y, and Z..." or something along those lines.

And if you truly believe there is no competition for this product, you could highlight that as well. However, if you do a great job explaining the benefits and why people need it, you won't have to.

Good luck!!!

Hey thank you very much for your input, didn't think anyone would reply. And you are absolutely right about the video if i don't make it look amazing its just going to hurt me i will give a brief description what its used for and how it can be helpful to give a brief description of how it works and how it will benefit them.

Jorge Valerio
.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
Jorge Valerio
Front End Web Development Techdegree Graduate 24,696 Points

hi there,

video - make sure your post your video on youtube (free marketing**), if you are not familiar with video editing, check out videohive.com inexpensive video temples.

ebay and other marketplaces is a good way to market your product.

Thanks guys, I will definitely put all these into my website and shoot it over so you guys can tell me the positives and negatives!!!!!

marsha grasett
marsha grasett
9,995 Points

Presuming that you have a patent I would hit up big box stores, hardware chains etc. Then when the money rolls in hire professionals to create your advertising and web site. You only have one chance to make a first impression.