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Gary Law
Gary Law
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How to be a moderator of Treehouse?

Just wondering why some of the members bearing the title of "moderator"? How to achieve that and what's the benefit?

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James Barnett
James Barnett
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Marco Law -

It's not a benefit per se, it's more of a permission level, moderators have the ability to edit other users posts (such as to fix code formatting), add tags to threads and delete entire threads (if asked).

The moderators are just highly active Treehouse members that help out the staff of Treehouse with answering questions here on the forum.

The Treehouse staff has asked some users on the forum to help out, it grants the permissions to edit posts and delete whole threads.

As for who decides who gets to be a moderator you'd have to ask someone on the Treehouse staff, maybe Faye Bridge or even Ryan Carson.

Faye Bridge
Faye Bridge
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As always, thanks for the detailed description James Barnett. :)

Hi Marco Law! I'm Faye, the community manager at Treehouse. As James explained, being a Treehouse moderator involves being a trusted voice in the Treehouse community, and sharing the responsibility of helping other members in the forum.

If you have any additional questions or you'd like to chat about it a little more, please feel free to email me anytime at!

It would be cool to be a moderator...

Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos
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Faye Bridge can I be a moderator again?