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How to build a website project.

Hello, thank you for viewing my question.

I recently started the "front end web development" track. I am on the "how to make a website" course. I am almost halfway through the course.

I would like to know if i should be building my website in "workspaces" along with the videos, or if i should complete the course, and then complete the website.

I have not been building it so far, and have not really used workspaces up until this point. I just didn't know if what I am doing is the way that the course was meant to be taken.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

3 Answers

Hello and welcome to treehouse. A couple points I would like to make. First off in my personal experience I liked to first look at the videos all at once a section at a time. Then I liked to look at them again at 1.5x speed so that not only would I hear the video again to better understand it but also try it out for myself and actually build the site.

The one thing you will find out about web development is that no matter how many videos you look at and how much you read the only way you will really understand it is by actually doing it. The more you code the more you will learn from your mistakes.

I suggest following along and working on your site as the videos shows you. And in the end of the track go ahead and build another site on your own and use everything you learned. you can always go back and watch a video if you forgot how to do something or you can ask us here on the forum aswell.

Another point is that it really matters on how you learn best. So what ever it was that you did in school to help you remember and learn things you should give that a try and see if it works.

Good luck.

One thing I forgot to point out is that along the track and along your learning path you will come across great sites, references and/or sample sites you like and may want to build. Keep track of everything. Have a list of blogs, sites and even people you may want to follow on Facebook or Twitter.

You may also find helpful guides on how to build certain things which may be useful to you in the future.

Lastly about workspaces. It is build with bigginers in mind yes you can use it as you learn more but it is limited in what it can do. To start out with its great but in a real life job environment you may want to take a look a sublime text 3. It's free to try out for as long as you like and its $70 if you want to support the creators and buy a version that stops reminding you to pay for the program. It's fully customizable and you can add a lot of really useful plugs-ins that will not only speed up your work process but make it enjoyable at the same time.

Thank you everyone !

Very helpful.

Konrad Pilch
Konrad Pilch
2,435 Points

I have to go sleep since i didnt sleep all night and i just read a little bit about hti spost but what i say , and its very very important that you do and as Jovanny mentioned, the only way of doing , is practice.

Just practice! You can trust it from my own experience! If you will follow just fomr them , you wont learn ! You need to stop the video , and do it all by your self, use google to find the stuff you dont remember thats on the video . Look fro just hints on the video.

Allways, but allways re-watch the video twice, this will give you a very good understanding . Then the second tim eyou re-watch it, stop the video before the teacher fills in the code and try to figure it by your self, then look what he put and follow him .

Do cople of projects to get a feel.

I fid 30 websites , but a practice ones, not to quality and i learned a lot with it .

Now as learning PHP , i jsut practice and i fail soo many times, but i wont quit or stop until im done. Actualy after 3days , i can code pretty cool stuff with no background experience from programming. YOu need to dedicate and you need to know that you will fail. By only that , you will succeed . If you fail twice more, you will speed up your success rate twice. Done be affraid, just code that piece and see whats wromn g, then study it so you wont do the same mistake. Theres not point to fail million times if you wont lear any lesson from it.

You have to look what you did good and then the wrong code will come out . Dont look at things that you did wrong. Look at things that you did rigth and the other things will apear .

Hope this helps .

Just practice ! BASICS, BASICS and more BASICS.

anthony crowell
anthony crowell
Courses Plus Student 10,953 Points

Hi Harry, from another perspective, I installed xampp, for windows or mamp for mac, on my workstation. This gives you everything you would have on a real job and force you to learn the structure of a webserver. It's more work in that you have to recreate a lot of the files but it has helped with my typing and structure.

anthony crowell
anthony crowell
Courses Plus Student 10,953 Points

Oh and you might also like Notepad++ it's free :} and works pretty good.