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How to check if item in messy_list[] is an integer.

I guess I'm gonna just go one-by-one and remove each item. I know how to pass this. I just don't like it.

There's gotta be a way to use a for loop to check if each item in messy_list is an integer or not, move on if it is and remove it if it's not. For some reason, my code deletes all of the contents of messy_list. What am I doing wrong?
messy_list = ["a", 2, 3, 1, False, [1, 2, 3]]

# Your code goes below here
messy_list.insert(0, messy_list.pop(3))

for item in messy_list.copy():
    if item == int:

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You've got the right idea, but you don't want to compare the item itself with a type. Plus, this is an occasion to use the identity operator ("is"):

    if type(item) is int:

Maaaaan,,, I should have know that. I was just blocking it out or something. Thanks a ton!