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Stacy Chairez
Stacy Chairez
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How to create a lifeCounter

After this last video, the instructor suggests we create a lifeCounter that will decrease every time the player touches the poison. How do I do this? I used createItem to create a lifeCounter, but doesn't that somehow need to be linked to a png file so the game knows what to do? I also wrote var lives =3 under the define variables function, but nothing has changed when i view the game. I know I'm missing something here. Can I get some direction on this please?

However, I couldn't figure out yet how to actually substract the lives when hitting the poison.

Isn't this the right code (like described in the code challenge)?

// when the player collects an item on the screen
function itemHandler(player, item) {
  if (item.key === 'coin') {
     currentScore = currentScore + 10;
  } else if (item.key === 'star') {
     currentScore = currentScore + 25;

  function poisonCollect(player, poison) {
    lives = lives - 1;
    if (lives === 0) {
        gameOver = true;

  if (currentScore === winningScore) {


Hi Stacy,

livesText = game.add.text(685, 16, "LIVES: " + lives, { font: "24px Arial", fill: "white" });

Use this instead of createItem. You don't need a graphic, it is just a text. This line gives us the text "LIVES" on the top right.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This was the second task of the final code challenge. Take a look at the code in the challenge.