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How to ensure that I provide the while loop with a condition that will eventually terminate?

I am really confused with this part of the code challenge.

This was the actual question: In this task, we have an array of numbers and we want to compute the sum of its values.

We have a variable ,sum, that will store the value of the sum of numbers from the array.

We also have a variable ,counter, which we will use to track the number of iterations of the while loop.

Step 1: Create a while loop. The while loop should continue as long as the value of counter is less than the number of items in the array. (Hint: You can get that number by using the count property)

let numbers = [2,8,1,16,4,3,9]
var sum = 0
var counter = 0

// Enter your code below
while counter < sum.count {
    counter += 1 

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Magnus Hållberg
Magnus Hållberg
17,216 Points

Your loop should run as long as there are values in the numbers array to calculate so you should count the numbers array, you have set a count on the sum variable. Sum is of type Int and it doesn't have a count property. Hope this helps

Yes, it helped thank you so much!!