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how to exit a video i have watched already.

I had closed out my window, when i came back to treehouse i find myself watching the video i have watched hours ago and i cant go beyond that. Please advise.

This is not very user friendly.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Are you sure you saw the whole thing? Generally if you return to a video the system doesn't think you've seen it all yet.

But if you're sure you have, I think the easiest way might be to click on the progress bar very close to the end. The video will skip to that point, and quickly finish. At that point it should offer the next step.

You can also use the bar across the top of the window where the video is playing. There are little circles representing each step (video, challenge, quiz). Just click on the one next to (the right of) the one currently highlighted.

And finally, you can click on the course name in the upper left (it should have an arrow next to it). That will take you to the course index, where you can pick the specific chapter and step you want to move to.