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How to get space between wp_title(); bloginfo( 'name' ); ?

In the demo there is About then a space and then the title of the website. But I get something different. My site title is WP local so I get: AboutWP local. It should be About WP local.

I can't find the error. Looking for the solution.

3 Answers

Cindy Lea
Cindy Lea
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It sounds like you need to add a space to a variable some where. I dont see your code so thats my guess.

I thought the same. Can't find the variable yet. But I'll mark it as best answer.

Shane Oliver
Shane Oliver
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You need to pass the separator parameters in the call to wp_title

wp_title( '|', true, 'right' ); // results in the title - page name | blog name

Thank you. Yes, I've done that now. But my question was before that task. when I just have the wp_title() ; and bloginfo(); that doesn't output a space. e.g. aboutWP is what I get, while in the video it outputs as about WP.

Robert Bepko
Robert Bepko
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<title><?php wp_title(' ', true, 'right'); bloginfo( 'name' );  ?></title>