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how to get the lorem dummy text?

how do you get the lorem text to use as content?

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Linas Mackonis
Linas Mackonis
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Hi Kishore, There are Lorem Ipsum content generators for this purpose. One of them is (

Thanks Johnathan. Yes that’s what I was hoping could be done in workspaces. In sublime you can type in lorem click enter and voila....text appears It would be great to have this feature in workspaces.

thanks I was wanting some keys to press for it to appear in my workspace ,and not wanting to go to a new site.

Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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Interestingly you can generate lorem ipsum automatically in Visual Studio Code text editor. I'm not sure if it's an "out of the box feature" of if you need an exension for it but if you need lorem ipsum simply type "lorem" and then the tab key and then voila. :-)