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how to get the all over the string?

when I do this: twitters =''' (?P<twitter>\s@[\w\d]+)$ ''',string,re.X|re.M) I've got just @kennethlove with the re.finall() it give me all twitters but not with the it still ambiguous for me how to parcourate all the string with
import re

string = '''Love, Kenneth,, 555-555-5555, @kennethlove
Chalkley, Andrew,, 555-555-5556, @chalkers
McFarland, Dave,, 555-555-5557, @davemcfarland
Kesten, Joy,, 555-555-5558, @joykesten'''
contacts ='(?P<email>[-\w\d+.]+@[-\w\d.]+),\s(?P<phone>\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4})',string,re.X|re.X)
twitters ='\s(@[\w\d]+)$',string,re.X|re.M)