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How to handle 2 exceptions in one Try block

Hi there, I am trying to have the Try/Except block that we created handle 2 conditions and return 2 possible inputs for the user to correct their mistakes

As it stands it seems to only return the "Please enter a numerical value error", ignoring the tickets_remaining exception and also restarts the code rather than continuing.

Can anyone help me understand what I need to change?


tickets_remaining = 100  

# Create the calculate_price function. It takes number of tickets and returns 
#  int(quantity) * TICKET_PRICE

def calculate_price(quantity):
    # Create a new consant for the $2 service charge
    # Add the service charge to calculate_price
    return (int(quantity) * TICKET_PRICE) + SERVICE_CHARGE

while tickets_remaining >= 1:
    user_name = input("What is your name? ")
    print("Hi {}! There are currently {} tickets remaining.".format(user_name, tickets_remaining))
    desire_to_buy = input("Would you like to buy any? ")
    if desire_to_buy.lower() == "yes":
        quantity = (input("Great! How many tickets would you like {}? ".format(user_name)))
        # First, it quantity is not an int, request the user to enter numerical value
        # Second, if quantity exceeds remaining tickets, inform customer and ask if they want fewer tickets
        # Continue code if neither condition exists
            quantity = int(quantity)
            if int(quantity) > tickets_remaining:
                raise ValueError("There are only {} tickets remaining\nWould you like fewer tickets?".format(tickets_remaining))
        except ValueError:
            input("Please enter a numerical value: ")
            ticket_price = calculate_price(quantity)
            confirmation = input("Okay that will cost ${}. Would you like to proceed?\n(Y/N) ".format(ticket_price))
            if confirmation.lower() == "y":
                print("Thank you {}, your order has been confirmed, please proceed to payment".format(user_name))
                tickets_remaining -= int(quantity)
            elif confirmation.lower() != "y":
                print("Okay then, cya") 
        print("Okay then, cya")
    print("Unfortunately there are no more available tickets, please check back later!")   

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Here's a few hints:

  • the "except" needs to capture the event object in a variable with an "as" expression
  • the event object should be used to create the output message
  • without an assignment, the response to an "input" will be lost
  • the "except" doesn't need to "input" anyway, the loop will handle that
  • a plain "else" will do instead of an "elif" that tests the exact opposite condition from the "if"