HTML HTML Basics Going Further with HTML Links and Paths Challenge

Eliza Cliff
Eliza Cliff
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how to indicate the folder name in a link

I am not sure what I am missing if I want to move one folder up and into the img folder. here is my code src="../img/logo.png" alt="Site logo">

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>Portfolio Page</title>
    <img src="../img/logo.png" alt="Site logo">
      <li><a href="">Home</a></li>
      <li><a href="">Portfolio</a></li>                
    <h1 id="portfolio">My Portfolio</h1>
Ben Reynolds
Ben Reynolds
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Weird, that looks right to me. Does the challenge give you an error message?

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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This code is correct. To test it, I pasted it directly into the challenge and it passed task 1.

Eliza Cliff
Eliza Cliff
1,758 Points

Thanks all, I exited the track and started over and it worked.