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How to install sass on windows?

I'm running windows, cant find any clear explanation how to install Sass on pc. I've already installed Ruby, what's next? Help, please.

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Hi Yury, This is the clearest explanation I've seen. Are you familiar with the command line?

This is direct from: http://sass-lang.com/install

Before you start using Sass you will need to install Ruby. The fastest way to get Ruby on your Windows computer is to use Ruby Installer. It's a single-click installer that will get everything set up for you super fast.

Here's the quickest way we've found to start using Sass by using the command line:

1st: open your Command Prompt. On Windows press the windows key and the r key, type cmd and hit enter

2nd: Since you have ruby:

Install Sass. Ruby uses Gems to manage its various packages of code like Sass. In your open terminal window type:

gem install sass

This will install Sass and any dependencies for you. It's pretty magical. If you get an error message then it's likely you will need to use the sudo command to install the Sass gem. It would look like:

sudo gem install sass

3rd: Double-check. You should now have Sass installed, but it never hurts to double-check. In your terminal application you can type:

sass -v

It should return something like Sass 3.4.5 (Selective Steve).

Btw, check out the Sass site, good luck! Ogechi

Thanks, Ogechi! Helped a lot! Can go with sass now! :)

glad to help, yury!

Anna Grais
Anna Grais
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Whenever I write gem install sass it just gives me the message "'gem' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file", and when I write sudo gem install sass it gives me the same messages, but replace 'gem' with 'sudo'.

Dave McFarland
Dave McFarland
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When you install Ruby using the Windows installer you need to check the "Add Ruby executables to your PATH" box. If you don't Windows won't know where Ruby is on your system and you'll get a "'gem' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" error.

Although a dated question, it seemed unanswered. You need to make sure you are running the command line as an admin. Sudo will not work in a windows terminal. Simplest solution would be to search for cmd, and Shift/Alt/Ctrl Click on cmd and select yes at the prompt. Now you should be able to install sass with no issues.