HTML HTML Basics Going Further with HTML Links and Paths Challenge

How to locate a link tag by using a id?

I need help by creating a path from the link by using an id.

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>Portfolio Page</title>
    <img src="../img/logo.png" alt="Site logo">
      <li><a href="/index.html">Home</a></li>
      <li><a href="/index.html#porfolio">Portfolio</a></li>                
    <h1 id="portfolio">My Portfolio</h1>

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Joe Nguyen
Joe Nguyen
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Ah, I think I found the answer:

On line 10 you have this: <li><a href="/index.html#porfolio">Portfolio</a></li>

and it seems to have a few problems

  1. #porfolio to #portfolio
  2. Remove the /index.html in it

and this should be your result on line 10 to pass

<li><a href="#portfolio">Portfolio</a></li>

~Hope this helps!