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Gonzalo Torres del Fierro
Gonzalo Torres del Fierro
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how to lunch the nano on the workspace to edit the Linux VCs?

at 6:18 min on video "First Commit" app, Jay shows how you can edit with nano, but I didn´t get how he set to get inside of nano, and how is related he´s current project on it.

****************_______new information Updating my question_________**********( maybe this is an answer) I saw that you can get inside your specific project folder doing this: git commit YOURFILENAME; this line of command will create a text folder: YOURFILENAME.txt and you will get inside of nano text editor, be aware this is not going to happen on your local machine, this only works like this for the treehouse workspace.

Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes
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It is in the transcript, 6:09. Just using:

git commit

Instead of:

git commit -m "my message"

He shows two ways to accomplish the same result.