How to make a Treehouse social icon?

Hi, everyone!! Today, I was wondering how to make Treehouse social icon, I dont know the question is allow or not, but if the question is allow to ask, then I will post this question to Treehouse. If not you can tell me and I will delete the question immediately.

I saw many people using image or svg, but either way, I dont know how to do. Because for the image there is border around the icon, for svg, I still cant find the file.

So, if you can help me, I really appreciated, thank you so much!!

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Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly
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Hi Miha,

I suppose this all depends on how you want the social icon to look. If you google search images for the Treehouse logo, this may or may not give you the image you need. Just be sure to read up on your copyright rights before displaying the logo on your public facing website.