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subhash w
subhash w
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how to print the list of variables separated by "," removing the new-line character

I tried to use join, but unable to append the overall list of items as a single unit.
musical_groups = [
    ["Ad Rock", "MCA", "Mike D."],
    ["John Lennon", "Paul McCartney", "Ringo Starr", "George Harrison"],
    ["Salt", "Peppa", "Spinderella"],
    ["Rivers Cuomo", "Patrick Wilson", "Brian Bell", "Scott Shriner"],
    ["Chuck D.", "Flavor Flav", "Professor Griff", "Khari Winn", "DJ Lord"],
    ["Axl Rose", "Slash", "Duff McKagan", "Steven Adler"],
    ["Run", "DMC", "Jam Master Jay"],
# Your code here
list1 = [""]
for x in musical_groups:
    z = ",".join(x)

print (list1)

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adrian miranda
adrian miranda
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The join is doing what you want, although you probably want a comma space, rather than just a comma.

", ".join(x)

However, you then recombine everything back to a list and print that.

Instead, why don't you do the join, and print right then. That way, you will get all the members of a band, on a single line. I think you will find that is closer to what you want.