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Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes
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How to remove a User?

I was having problems in the step after we change wp_ to localwp_.

It was because in the last video I forgot to put localhost. Instead there was a "%".

Now I see two wpuser, under Privileges - User name( Users having access to "localwp")

Is there a problem with that? How do I remove the one with Host name: '%"


2 Answers

Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia
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  1. Try going to phpMyAdmin,
  2. select user tab,
  3. check the user you want to delete,
  4. (look down a little more) and check the check box from 'Remove selected users'
  5. Lastly click on 'Go', and confirm deleting user
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes
30,056 Points

Thank you Joshua,

I don't see it now, I hope the "Drop tables..." message, doesn't break anything.

I am just noticing that a new user, that I created on my own, also has access to this database from the videos.