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How to rename the files in Sublime text 3?

Zac is adding 3 files and name them as style, functions and index. But when I add a new file it is called untitled and I haven't been able to change the name.

Could you help me please? Best Regards

3 Answers

Jason Anders
Jason Anders
Treehouse Moderator 145,297 Points

I use Sublime Text 2, but it's probably the same.

When you create a new file, it will always be "untitled." You don't actually rename it. You just need to save it with the name you want. I alway click save as soon as I create it, so the name is always there right away.

Hope that does it. :dizzy:

Gerta xhepi
Gerta xhepi
6,460 Points

But what if I want to rename a file after I have saved it already?

Jason thank you so much.