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How to run a terminal command in Gitlab's web interface

How can I run basic commands from the web GUI or web IDE of Gitlab? I'm currently trying to run a pathPrefix command but I guess this question applies to any command

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I don't have any specific experience with GitLab, but I would start with the interactive web terminals documentation. It looks like you would need to do some configuration to get that setup.

hmm you're right the configuration seemed gnarly enough where i just bit the bullet and did it in terminal.

Running into a different error now and this is probably more a Gatsby question- trying to deploy a separate blog repo to a, basically as described here:

I'm trying to use the --prefix-paths command (as described here:, however when I run the gatsby build --prefix-paths command, I keep getting an error that says: There was a problem loading the local build command. Gatsby may not be installed in your site's "node_modules" directory. Perhaps you need to run "npm install"? You might need to delete your "package-lock.json" as well. [The site is a gatsby starter blog so I'm pretty sure Gatsby is installed btw, and I checked and npm is installed and up to date] Any thoughts on what to do?