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how to set variable language

i keep getting a alert sign that says Bummer: make sure your variable has a language

// Enter your code below
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play

import UIKit

var str = "Hello, playground"


var number = 10

number = 20

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Magnus Hållberg
Magnus Hållberg
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I dont know what code you are submitting to the challenge but the one in this post is nothing like the challenge requirements. The challenge tells you to create a variable named "language" and assign the string "Swift" to it. You should then update that string to "Objective-C". Thats it. The challenges are picky on spelling in both variable names and string values, so even if you do the right thing technically but use other names you will not pas the challenge.

The challenge you are referring to asks you to create one variable, assign it to a string, then assign a different string to the variable.

var language = "Swift"
language = "Objective-C"