iOS Swift Collections and Control Flow Dictionaries in Swift Working With Dictionaries

how to solve task 3 of the challenge, remove an element from the dictionary and assign it to a constant?


I am currently on task three of the challenge but I am stuck because people are telling me "Make sure you're retrieving a value from the dictionary rather than assigning a string directly" and so I don't know how to do it.

How do you do it?

Thank you for your answers.

// Enter your code below

var iceCream: [String: String] = ["CC" : "Chocolate Chip", "AP" : "Apple Pie", "PB" : "Peanut Butter"]

iceCream["RR"] = "Rocky Road"

let applePie: String? = iceCream.removeValue(forKey: "AP")

1 Answer

// For this problem what you want to do is assign the value of AP in the array iceCream to a constant applePie // The Code should look like so

let applePie = iceCream["AP"]

// This retrieves the value associated with the key AP and assigns it to a constant applePie

I understand, thank you, it's work !