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How to target a different list with J Query

Hello there,

I am trying to target a different list on this codepen I created:

Specifically, I am trying to target the second Li item of the second list, and make it yellow.

I can target the first or second list using the following code:

$("ul").eq(1).css({color: "yellow"})

If I change 1 to 0, I target the first list. However this will target the entire list. How can I target any item inside the second list, without recurring to the following code?

$("li").eq(5).css({color: "yellow"})

Thanks, Alex

1 Answer

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you just need to chain more than one selector together. It's really simple to do this using jQuery by putting a space between each selector.

// In this case, you could use the class selector and then get all the list items.
// This will only get list items which are in the elements list. 
$(".elements li").eq(1).css({color: "yellow"})

Remember - you can always use more than one element selector when creating a jQuery object with $.

If you still have any questions though, just let me know. Happy coding!

Thanks rydavim! Can I ask you an extra question? What If I didn't have the class "elements" to help me out to target the second list, and I had two blank UL lists without class or ID, how would I target the second element, inside the second list?

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Okay, so I hadn't actually used eq() before and didn't realize you could basically use it as a pseudo-class. So you could just put it in that first selector and pick whichever ul and li you wanted to grab.

// You can use :eq() in the creation of your jQuery object.
$("ul:eq(1) li:eq(1)").css({color: "yellow"})

That's probably a cleaner way to do it anyway. Good question!