iOS Functions in Swift Adding Power to Functions Returning Complex Values

Sebastian Fernandez
Sebastian Fernandez
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how type the return

I don't know how I type the return in this exercise

// Enter your code below
func coordinates(for location: String)-> (Double,Double) {
    switch location {
    case "Eiffel Tower":(48.8582,2.2945)
    case "Great Pyramid":(29.9792,31.1344)
    case "Sydney Opera House":(33.8587,151.2140)
    default: (0,0)
    return (Double, Double)

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Mathew Tran
Mathew Tran
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In your switch statements you can return the tuples. So instead of just calling (48.8582,2.2945) for example. You can say

return (48.8582,2.2945)


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