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Joseph Michelini
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Joseph Michelini
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How were we able to use url_for in index.html before we imported it?

Right before we import redirect and url_for, we use url_for in index.html, test the code and it successfully finds the /save route.

<form action="{{ url_for('save') }}" method="POST">

I was just curious why this works before we import url_for.


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Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
Treehouse Teacher

Hi there, Joseph Michelini ! The short answer is: we don't need to import anything into a template for it to work. I know it looks that way, but a Flask template has access to a few variables just out of the box. Because index.html is a Flask template, it has access to url_for just naturally. The same is not true for I recommend taking a look at the Flask template documentation for information on what variables/methods are available to template a just "out of the box".

Hope this helps! :sparkles: