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html tags

not 100% understand what are the html tags are

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Just Google and watch the videos. That's the easiest part of Web Development. <p> </p> where you keep the text and there are various tags representing something else.

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Hi Elad,

In the simplest terms, HTML “tags” are a way to define the type of information you want to display on your web page. They’re also used to structure content.

There are a range of tags you can use but here are some simple ones, notice how each tag is opened and then closed.

<h1> You can use the h1 tag for a level one header. </h1>
<p> You can use the p tag for paragraph text. </p>

You could also think of tags as containers when using them to structure your page contents. The <body> ... </body> tags for example contain the body of your website.

I hope that helps you understand what HTML tags are and how they’re used.