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Ricard Taujenis
Ricard Taujenis
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Hy i changed everything the same way as in the video but when i take show preview it still shows the original text

Not shure if its supposed to be like that if i followed the rules according to the video

4 Answers

This may be a caching issue with your browser. See if a force refresh works by pressing Shift+F5.

Just press f5 and relaunch preview

Matthew Stein
Matthew Stein
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Lindsay & Juan correctly diagnosed the problem, but the Shift/F5 trick didn't work for me on my version of Chrome running on a Mac (It may be due to a Chrome quirk). Here's what I had to do:

  1. Save the corrected scripts.js file
  2. Click Preview. This will display the "broken" version of the file
  3. Hold down Shift and click the Refresh arrow in the browser's toolbar (next to the Back/Forward arrows)

I believe the Shift-Refresh arrow trick works on Windows as well, but if one of the suggestions doesn't work, try the others.

Petrus Supusepa
Petrus Supusepa
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Try to refresh your browser, it works for me :)