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Chiroi Niehus
Chiroi Niehus
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I Am Having Trouble on Code Challenge: Double Task 3 of 3

I am having trouble figuring out whether it should be self or int that I multiply by 2. Also, I'm not sure where to put the two separate lines of code - inside the function, or in the class. Please help!
class Double(int):
    def __new__(*args, **kwargs):
        self = int.__new__(*args, **kwargs)
        return self

    doubled_value = self * 2
    return doubled_value

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Kamaren McCord
Kamaren McCord
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It looks like you want to put the code for the *double * inside of the new method. If you put it outside of this method the code will not be ran and thus will not return self * 2 when created.

self is an int so take self and multiply by 2, then return self.

also keep in mind that you cannot return code after a return has already been made. so you cannot use double return statements.