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Mohamed Almulla
Mohamed Almulla
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I am really confused as to how to use the Tag struct in the post Struct

How can I use my tag struct in the firstPost instance?

struct Tag {
  let name: String

struct Post{
    let title: String
  let author: String
  let tag: Tag()

  init(title: String, author: String, tag:{
    self.title = title = author
    self.tag = tag

let firstPost: Post = Post.init(title: "Hello", author: "Me", "Me")

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Dave Harker
Dave Harker
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Hi Mohamed Almulla,

You are pretty close actually (nice work!).
The init function isn't required and you'll need to create/instantiate a new tag when creating the firstPost Post :smile:

So try ditching the init func and changing your firstPost to something like:

let firstPost = Post.init(title: "Hello", author: "Me", tag: Tag(name: "Me"))
// You *could* create a new tag before the firstPost then just pass that through as it's of Type tag, but why not just do it inline  

Should be cooking with gas after that! Happy coding.
Dave :dizzy: