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Stefan Mach
Stefan Mach
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I botched this code challenge, please help

I tried this every which way, and the editor does not give any feedback. I put it into xcode, and it can't even tell it is a method, because I am guessing this code challenge has an answer that is correct in isolation in this context because it is a quiz, but cannot be tested in xcode because xcode wants the other code that supports the method. I am really stuck here, and have repeatedly watched the videos.
-(float)calculateTip:(float)subTotal, (float) tip{

tip = subTotal * 0.2;



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james south
james south
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well it looks like you are taking two arguments when you only need one, and you are not returning anything. so i think i would take tip out of the parameter list so that it only takes subtotal, then return tip as calculated. also it wants the parameter to be subtotal, not subTotal.