Python Basic Object-Oriented Python Welcome to OOP Creating a Panda Class

I can not get the class Panda to work...

I have been trying this for half an hour now and I cant get it to work, I need help.
class Panda:
    def __init__(self, species='Ailuropoda melanoleuca', food= 'bamboo') :
        self.species = species food

Create a class called Panda. Inside your class, create two class attributes. One called species set to ‘Ailuropoda melanoleuca’ and another called food set to ‘bamboo’. These are the instructions.

1 Answer

You've given keyword arguments to the __init__ method. You're supposed to set the attributes inside the class block. Try to makes this change, if the problem persists, let me know.

I was overthinking by a ton, I just reviewed the video and tried to find a simpler solution a and it worked thank you.