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I cannot download the zip images file into workspaces. I followed directions on the video and upload files.

I already tried uploading the files from the File menu option on workspace, as well as followed the directions from the video with click and drag. nothing is working. can you please assist me with this information.

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Alexander Nygaard
Alexander Nygaard
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The drag-and-drop function does not work in my workspace either.

Unzip your zip folder of images, and put the images into a new folder on your desktop.
Right-click on the left pane in the workspace, and then select Upload file.
A window will pop up. Go to the folder on your desktop and select the images. Then click open.

All of the images should now be uploaded and appear in your left pane.

Thomas McDaniel
Thomas McDaniel
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Thanks for the comment, i was having the same issue but as soon as i made another folder it worked.