C# C# Basics (Retired) Console I/O Formatting Output

antoine winzenried
antoine winzenried
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I cannot understand my mistake

Hi there, I cannot understand where is my mistake. Could you help me?

Best regards

string firstName;
string entry = Console.ReadLine();

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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The instructions for task 1 said, "Declare a variable named firstName and initialize it to the string returned from a call to Console.ReadLine().", and you declared "firstName" but initialized another variable named "entry" instead.

Apparently you discovered a bug in the validator, because it passed this answer when it should have been marked incorrect. But made it impossible to complete the next task.

Start over, and be careful to follow the task 1 instructions. Then task 2 should be possible to pass also.

You might want to report the bug to the staff as described on the Support page.