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I can't add [] nor {} in the python shell (although I can when writing in a file)

Is this just happening to me?

please share the example of what you are trying to do, it would help us to understand the situation and provide better solutions.

>>> str = "My name is {}."
>>> str.format("Max")
'My name is Max.'

above is my python shell example of using {}.

There's not really an example. When I press "alt + shift + 8" (I'm in a mac), while writing on the shell, it doesn't show the curly brackets. My problem is that I'm only able to write normal parentheses (on the shell). Was this clear?

I didn't know that there is no curly braces in mac keyboard, or maybe i didn't understood the situation.


These might help.

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I can add {} and [] everywhere EXCEPT on the shell (like in the video). That's my problem

Same problem for me.

When I press "alt + shift + 5" (I'm in a mac), while writing on the shell, it doesn't show the brackets.

It works here in the comment section, as well as everywhere else.


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Alexandra Reiter
Alexandra Reiter
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I have the same problem, I use Windows 7. I can type [] and {} always (like now), but can't when I'm using workspace here. Which is annoying because I can not make the tasks together with Kevin...or practicing either

i use win10, never got this problem. Wonder what is going wrong.

Alexandra Reiter
Alexandra Reiter
6,576 Points

have no idea. I finished a few course before here on Treehouse and never had any problem with using Workspace. Except with Python. Even if I change the language of my keyboard is not working