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I can't copy and paste on workspace?

Hi all, I can't copy and paste on workspace?Is there any way to do it?

I downloaded the project files but it doesn't work on my local comp,so i decided work on workspace,however,i can't copy and paste to create header.php file.

Hi Coskun,

I answered your earlier question in case you want to try and continue locally.

If you want to continue with workspaces, that's fine too. How are you trying to copy?

You should be able to drag with your mouse and highlight the part that needs to go into header.php. Then Ctrl-C to copy and then Ctrl-V to paste into header.php

2 Answers

It doesn't work that way on workspace .I mean traditional method for copying CTRL+C and pasting for CTRL+V doesn't work on workspace.

I'm not sure if it's a browser issue but what browser are you using and have you tried another?

I'm using firefox and I'm able to copy and paste that way.

I am using Chrome.I will try firefox.I will let you know. thank you

It's probably not that then. I think a lot of students use chrome and I don't recall any posts about not being able to copy/paste.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. If you can't resolve it then maybe you can go back to trying to do it locally.