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General Discussion

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... Arrrgggg!!!

Hey guys!

I am a total rookie and I have no clue what I'm doing... I know it's stupid but I am stuck at a Challenge and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I am doing the Database Foundation class.

I understand all the other code and I thought I had this one figured out but I keep getting the error: SQL Error: no such column: actors

Here is the challenge question: Select all actors whose name starts with "Tom".

My answer was: select * from movies where actors like "Tom%";

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for bothering you guys with such a dumb questions. I know I have a looooooong way to go before I can do this on my own... :(

Thanks for the help!

3 Answers

Patrick Metcalfe
Patrick Metcalfe
Courses Plus Student 7,563 Points

You need to get all the actors who's name starts with Tom so in the table of actors you have to query a certain column to check weather it starts with Tom. So for example if I had a table of students I would

SELECT * FROM students WHERE name_first LIKE 'Tom%'

See the difference? Your saying find in column 'actors' but actors is not a column, name is a column or password is a column. Hope this helps you figure out the correct answer.

Patrick Metcalfe

P.S. I would recommend putting more specific titles to your posts. It will help guide the right people to your question. "I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong" could require anyone from a ruby dev to a fortran dev to a html guy, being specific will speed up answer time!

Thanks for the help and the tip on posting accurate posts! I really appreciate it!

It's not stupid at all. Just be patient and diligent and you'll amazingly start to wrap your brain around it all. I know I'm regularly re-watching videos over and over, and using other written resources to go along with the videos. With something that is so totally new to me as MySQL, I'm probably watching a video (as short as they are) at least a couple times before I even bother with the corresponding quiz.

On to it.

You have two tables in the database. They are 'movies' and 'actors'. After selecting from the 'movies' table in the first three challenges, you'll be selecting from the 'actors' table for this fourth . So the beginning of your query will be:

SELECT * FROM actors

Cool. You did that a few videos ago. Now, you're looking for actors whose name starts with Tom. ('name' is the name of our column) So:

SELECT * FROM actors WHERE name LIKE "Tom%";

One trick I found helpful since this forum doesn't have a search function that I know of, is to copy a quiz or challenge question, (highlight and then ctrl-c), then go to google and paste it in the search box. Someone posted on here that they add the word 'treehouse' to the search.

Thank you so much for the help Gary! Great suggestion to Google the challenge questions! And thanks for the words of encouragement! The Treehouse community has been very welcoming and encouraging so far! Thanks again!

Bret Hazelwood
Bret Hazelwood
4,069 Points

I've had to google the questions sometimes too... I felt bad at first but I actually read what I find instead of just getting the answer so I'm learning what I missed anyways! Great stuff on here!