iOS Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift View Controllers and Views Asking for Help

Nick Korniczky
Nick Korniczky
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I can't find the same guides that are being shown in this video. I'm using Xcode 11.4.1.

I have checked the links offered in this video and I can not find these guides anywhere within Xcode's Help section or Apple's developer site. Are these guides still available with the latest version of Xcode?

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Hey Nick - Guides haven't been included in the docs area for a while, however a lot of the documentation now contains examples that are akin to the previous guides they provided. If that still doesn't give you an good enough idea of usage - googling the class / framework will usually yield good results or even searching for it on github to see real-world usage is also a good way of doing things. Hope this helps (The videos are fairly outdated, and unlikely to be updated)