C# C# Basics (Retired) Console I/O Say Hello!

I can't skip this step, even if I write the code and check I got the message : Oh no! We didn

Oh no! We didn't hear from the challenge service in a timely fashion.

If you continue experiencing problems, please contact support at help@teamtreehouse.com.

Fear not! Your code is safe with us. You will be able to resubmit once you reload the challenge.


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Myers Carpenter
Myers Carpenter
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Looks like we had a temporary outage of our code challenge system. It's working now, and I'm now attempting to find the cause. Thanks!

I am also having the same communication error on the same exact challenge. I've also tried completing other C# challenges with the same result.

Thank you for the answer. Anyway for me it is annoying that I can’t skip those exercises. For example I am advanced in other languages and for me this introduction is quite boring, to be forced to pass those challanges is quite frustrating.